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Saturday, September 28


Most of the list stays the same at the end of September.  Here are the top ten tracks on KJRW:

  1. The Happy Song - Poets of the Fall
  2. Pattern Skies - Greenhornes
  3. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - Devo
  4. Sugar Kane - Sonic Youth
  5. Jesus Built My Hotrod - Ministry
  6. Soup Is Good Food - Dead Kennedys
  7. Mr. Chivalry - Girl in a Coma
  8. One More Thing -L7
  9. Pretty Fly for a White Guy - Offspring
  10. Wild Thing - X

Listen for lots of songs that haven't been on KJRW before...

Saturday, September 21


The songs shuffle around as Summer turns to Fall.  Here is this week's list of Top Ten tracks on KJRW:

  1. The Happy Song - Poets of the Fall
  2. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - Devo
  3. Jesus Built My Hotrod - Ministry
  4. Soup Is Good Food - Dead Kennedys
  5. Sugar Kane - Sonic Youth
  6. One More Thing - L7
  7. Mind Your Manners - Pearl Jam
  8. Dancing With Myself - Generation X
  9. Wild Thing - X
  10. So Alive - Love and Rockets
Listen for songs getting their first spins on KJRW from:  Flipper, The Descendents, Green Apple Quick Step and more!

Saturday, September 14


The New Pearl Jam song makes it onto the list this week.  Here are the Top Ten favorite songs on KJRW:

  1. The Happy Song - Poets of the Fall
  2. Sugar Kane - Sonic Youth
  3. Soup Is Good Food - Dead Kennedys
  4. Mind Your Manners - Pearl Jam
  5. Dancing With Myself - Generation X
  6. Wild Thing - X
  7. So Alive - Love and Rockets
  8. Kid - Pretenders
  9. Waiting Room - Fugazi
  10. I Fought the Law - Clash
Listen to KJRW next week for new tunes from Little Hearts, Chelsea Light Moving (led by Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth) and Cali Giraffes (featuring Kim Warnick of the Fastbacks).

Saturday, September 7


There a few New Wave songs in the list for the last week of New Wave Summer on KJRW:

  1. Dancing With Myself - Generation X
  2. So Alive - Love and Rockets
  3. The Happy Song - Poets of the Fall
  4. Kid - Pretenders
  5. Whip It - Devo
  6. Possum Kingdom - Toadies
  7. The Hardest Button To Button - White Stripes
  8. Turning Japanese - Vapors
  9. Head Over Heels - Go-Go's
  10. Neat Neat Neat - Damned
Listen for new songs from Nine Inch Nails and Pearl Jam on KJRW!  And next week, we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Nirvana's In Utero album.

Thursday, September 5


KJRW's rank among all the stations on Live365 climbed almost 200 places in August.  There were over 2400 visits to the station page.  The average stretch of time people listened to KJRW was the highest this year.  Live365 VIP members listened the most since March.  The only thing we did not see an increase in was the number of streams launched.  The problem with that could possibly be that only so many people can listen for free at a time.  Sometimes the station is "full".  The way around that is to become a Live365 VIP.  You will be able to listen commercial-free whenever you want.  Part of the subscription price will pay artist royalties, and part will go to KJRW to help keep us online.  Click VIP.

During the month of August, people were listening to KJRW the most in the U.S., Canada, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Sweden, Australia, Peru and the U.K.  Inside the U.S., people listened the most in Seattle, WA; Chicago, IL; Los Angeles, CA; New York, NY; Montgomery, AL; Raleigh-Durham, NC; Wausau-Rhinelander, WI; Baltimore, MD; Phoenix, AZ and Jacksonville, FL.

Tuesday, September 3


Kathleen Hanna is the comeback kid.  She formed Bikini Kill while attending Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA in 1990.  Over 7 years, the group released only a few albums, but their influence was felt by bands like Sleater-Kinney, Jack Off Jill, The Gossip, and those that joined the Riot Grrrl movement.  Without Hanna, Nirvana would never have unleashed "Smells Like Teen Spirit" on the world.  It was she who scrawled, "Kurt smells like teen spirit" (the deodorant) on a wall to mock Cobain.

Bikini Kill split up in the late 1990's.  Hanna created her alter ego, Julie Ruin and recorded a bunch of very lo-fi songs in her apartment.  She then found some friends to play these songs live, which evolved into something very different, Le Tigre.  This band carried on the Bikini Kill political and feminist themes, but the music was electronic pop instead of punk.

And then Kathleen Hanna disappeared - or so it seemed.  She battled a mysterious illness for six years before it was finally diagnosed as Lyme Disease.  Her husband, Adam Horovitz (Ad Rock of the Beastie Boys) encouraged Hanna to start singing again.  She revisited her Julie Ruin identity, and again assembled a band.

This Julie Ruin is an amalgamation of all of the above.  Bikini Kill Bassist Kathi Wilcox joins Hanna again.  The Julie Ruin is punk and electronic, dark and upbeat.  Their debut album, Run Fast was released today.  You can pick it up by clicking the link to the right.  The crowning jewel is the first song on the album, "Oh Come On".  You can hear it on KJRW.

Sunday, September 1


We were just going to ignore the Video Music Awards on MTV, but a week later, we are still hearing about Miley Cyrus' performance on the show.  We didn't watch the program.  We didn't even watch the presentation last year when Green Day performed a song we like, "Let Yourself Go".  The last time we saw the VMAs was when Lady Gaga wore raw meat.  And that is what the VMAs are about - doing something extreme that people will talk about.  Just ask Madonna.  It leaves us wondering what Miley did that could be more extreme than anything Madonna, Lady Gaga, et al have done in the past.  Let's go where you can see music videos -- no, not MTV -- YouTube...
Again, how was what Miley did any more extreme than anything else out there?  Is it that parents of young children think she should be Hannah Montana forever?  It was a character.  Let the girl grow up and be Miley Cyrus.  We were far more disappointed in Miley when she flubbed the lyrics to "I Hate Myself For Loving You" on Oprah.  And parents, don't let your young children watch the Video Music Awards.  It's for teens and young adults with bad taste in music.