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Tuesday, February 16

WHAT'S GOING ON (In the middle of February)

The first couple of weeks on Radionomy has gone well for KJRW.  
Hope you enjoyed the love songs over the weekend.  We're back Under the Covers now and for the rest of the month.  
We've picked up more followers on Twitter and amassed new likes for the Facebook page.  
Our audience has expanded from the U.S., Canada, Russia, Brazil and Mexico to France, Japan, U.K., Germany and Finland.  
Over a thousand streams have been launched in the last couple weeks!  And we want more!  Please share KJRW with your friends.  
We can now also be heard on TuneIn.

Monday, February 8

WHAT'S GOING ON (a week into February)

KJRW began its journey on Radionomy a week ago.  A couple hundred streams have been launched.  Listeners from around the world have tuned in.  Most notably in the U.S., Canada, Russia, Brazil and Mexico.  Some think the sound quality is better on Radionomy.   However,  it was  a bit glitchy over the weekend.  So we may have lost some listening hours due to that.  

We still have a bit more space,  so we're uploading more songs. 
Listen to "love" songs this Valentines Weekend on KJRW!

Monday, February 1

WHAT'S GOING ON (at the beginning of February)

Meet Lex.  Little Lex grew up in the suburbs, listening to the Clash, Ramones, Green Day and Nirvana. Lex enjoys long skates by the beach, spray paint and listening to KJRW.  Get shirts, stickers and more with his likeness at the KJRW Corner Store.
Allyssa Woodwick, Artist

Live365 is no more.  KJRW has moved to Radionomy! More space means more music and less repetition. Hear us now at

As always, you can submit song suggestions to

Get Under the Covers with KJRW during the month of February and listen to some "love" songs on the 14th.