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Thursday, December 29

WHAT's GOING ON (at the end of 2016)

A year ago, we found out KJRW was losing its home on Live365.  We made the move to Radionomy in February.  It gave us more space for more songs and slightly better sound quality.  It allowed more people to listen to the station at the same time for free.  And you listened longer than ever!  However, it made it more difficult for you to give us feedback and rate the songs, so there is no Top 116 of 2016 song list to post or play.  

We are under the semi-constant threat of deletion from Radionomy.  There are listening hurdles we must jump every so often in order to stay online. We are at 57% of our current goal.  

We hope to reach our listening goals to keep providing the most awesome alternative rock in the air from Punk to Grunge and beyond in 2017.  Under the Covers continues all winter long.  And we're working on something special for spring.

As long as you keep listening, KJRW will stay online.

Monday, December 19

WHAT'S GOING ON (as 2016 comes to a close)

You'll hear Punked up Xmas tunes all week long on KJRW, as we continue our stay Under the Covers this winter.

We are currently at about 60% of our listening goal for the month of December.  There are less than 2 weeks left of the month.  Please help us increase listening by New Year's!

Friday, December 9

WHAT'S GOING ON (At the Beginning of our 7th Year)


Keep KJRW online by listening.  Radionomy asks us for 40 more hours a day of listening in order for us to stay on.

A week into December, KJRW has gone undercover.  The Clash and Dead Kennedys both cover I Fought the Law.  A Perfect Circle covers John Lennon.  Cage the Elephant covers the Talking Heads.  Devo covers the Rolling Stones.  Foo Fighters cover Prince.  Green Day covers the Kinks.  Nirvana covers Bowie.  The Offspring cover the Ramones.  Rage Against the Machine covers Bob Dylan.  Red Hot Chili Peppers cover Stevie Wonder.  Smashing Pumpkins cover Fleetwood Mac.  Stone Temple Pilots cover Led Zeppelin.  All this and more, all winter long.  Get Under the Covers with KJRW.

And this Monday, KJRW declares war on Christmas!  Listen for punk rock holiday themed songs sprinkled into the mix through the 25th.