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Monday, July 4

WHAT'S GOING ON (At the beginning of July)

Happy Independence Day!  Revolution!  What's more punk than that?  
We're a month into New Wave Summer.  Lots of trouble.  Lots of bubble. -- to quote Rock Lobster by the B-52's.  We did a whole round of quotes from New Wave Songs for the Shadowland Pub Quiz a week ago.  It was definitely a crowd favorite.

Over eleven hundred hours were spent listening to KJRW in June.  Most of that was inside the U.S.A. Other countries tuning in were:  Canada, France, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Brazil, the U.K., Netherlands, Morocco and Italy.  Washington, Wisconsin, California, Michigan, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Florida, Georgia and New York were the states that spent the most time with KJRW.

Almost 200 more songs were added during the month of June.  If there is a song you would like to hear on the station, email us at