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Tuesday, April 29


Ever wonder what KJRW would sound like without a DJ?  
No one to tell you what you are about to hear.  No one to play those funny id's between tunes.  No one to make sure an artist does not perform more than once an hour.  No one to keep the same song from repeating. We got a little taste of that on April 1st.  But that was only one day.  What would it be like for an entire month?  Listen to KJRW during May to find out what happens...

Saturday, April 26


Big shake up in the Top Ten tracks this week on KJRW.  A Sex Pistols cover of a Stooges song shoots up to number one.

  1. No Fun - Sex Pistols
  2. Incinerate - Sonic Youth
  3. Primitive - Killing Joke
  4. Wendy - Descendents
  5. F.T.W. - Vines
  6. Drama - L7
  7. Lexicon Devil - Germs
  8. Strange Love - Cramps
  9. What Love Is - Dead Boys
  10. Rock & Roll Queen - Subways

This time next week, KJRW will not have a DJ, so we don't know if we'll even have a Top Ten...

Saturday, April 19


PINS and Fugazi swap at the top this week on KJRW.

  1. Get With Me - PINS
  2. Bad Mouth - Fugazi
  3. Lexicon Devil - Germs
  4. Drama - L7
  5. You Know You're Right - Nirvana
  6. Hellhole - Detroit Diesel Power
  7. The Busdrivers - Josh's Shirt
  8. Destination Anywhere - Sugarcult
  9. New College - Dollyrots
  10. Feelin' All Emo - Unlovables

New songs from Band of Skulls and Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders on KJRW now...

Saturday, April 12


Fugazi moves into the top spot this week on KJRW:

  1. Bad Mouth - Fugazi
  2. Get With Me - PINS
  3. Destination Anywhere - Sugarcult
  4. Drama - L7
  5. Are You Bad - Glitter Mini 9
  6. The Busdrivers - Josh's Shirt
  7. Hellhole - Detroit Diesel Power
  8. Feel the Pain - Dinosaur Jr.
  9. Incinerate - Sonic Youth
  10. You Know You're Right - Nirvana

Listen to KJRW to hear new music from the Orwells, as well as old favorites from Devo, Blondie and more...

Wednesday, April 9


"Building on existing research (Kirschner and Tomasello in 20102) which found that making music significantly improves pro-social behaviour in young children) the current study investigated not only the potential effects of music making (singing or playing an instrument) on pro-sociability but also its effects on problem-solving and whether there was a difference between boys and girls.
The study, carried out by undergraduate student, Rie Davies, and academics Dr Maddie Ohl and Dr Anne Manyande from the School of Psychology at the University of West London, explored the pro-sociability, co-operation and problem-solving abilities of 24 girls and 24 boys aged four.
The children in the study were randomly assigned to either a 'Music' Group (Group 1) or a 'No Music' Group (Group 2). Children in Group 1 (Music) sang and played the percussion bullfrog and children in Group 2 (No Music) listened to a story. These sequences were then followed by two games a 'Co-operation' game and a 'Helping' game. The children's problem solving ability was tested by observing their reactions during the 'Helping' game.
Music improved helpfulness for both girls and boys with children in the 'Music' group over thirty times more likely to help than those in the 'No Music' group. Girls were over twenty times more likely to help than boys. Making music was also shown to improve co-operation among all the children in the 'Music Group' who were six times more likely to co-operate than those in the 'No Music' Group. Once again girls were even more likely to co-operate after music making than boys. Boys in the 'Music' Group were also four times more likely to problem solve.
Rie Davies said: "This study provides support for prior research by Kirschner and Tomasello (2010)1 and also highlights the need for schools and parents to understand the important role music making has in children's lives in terms of social bonding and helping behaviours. Music making in class, particularly singing, may encourage pupils with learning differences and emotional difficulties to feel less alienated in the school environment."*

*British Psychological Society (BPS). (2013, September 5). 'Making music may improve young children's behavior'. ScienceDaily. Retrieved February 9, 2014 from

The moral of the story is:  KEEP MUSIC IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS!  Don't you agree?

Saturday, April 5


Sugarcult surprises us this week by shooting up to number one in the Top Ten tracks on KJRW.

  1. Destination Anywhere - Sugarcult
  2. Bad Mouth - Fugazi
  3. Feel the Pain - Dinosaur Jr.
  4. Drama - L7
  5. Get With Me - PINS
  6. Are You Bad - Glitter Mini 9
  7. New College - Dollyrots
  8. The Busdrivers - Josh's Shirt
  9. Hellhole - Detroit Diesel Power
  10. First World Anarchist - Dollyrots

To see your favorite songs in the list, click the "thumbs up" icon while they are playing on KJRW.

Thursday, April 3


We made it through another April Fool's Day.  There were actually some cool 60's songs.  And more people tuned in than on any previous April 1st.  We may try to go a whole month without a DJ and see how that sounds.

Now as for March, our rank slipped a little bit due to people listening for free a little less.  VIP's were pressing the play button a bunch more, though.  Over 11 hundred streams were launched during last month.  There were a couple hundred more visits to the station page on than in February.  KJRW was made a preset station the most times in March than in the past year.

People spent the largest amount of time listening in the U.S., Canada, China, Spain, Australia, U.K., Thailand, Colombia, Sweden and France.  Inside the U.S., Washington, Illinois, California, Alabama, Texas, Ohio, Arkansas, Colorado, North Carolina and Georgia were tops in listening.