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Thursday, April 3


We made it through another April Fool's Day.  There were actually some cool 60's songs.  And more people tuned in than on any previous April 1st.  We may try to go a whole month without a DJ and see how that sounds.

Now as for March, our rank slipped a little bit due to people listening for free a little less.  VIP's were pressing the play button a bunch more, though.  Over 11 hundred streams were launched during last month.  There were a couple hundred more visits to the station page on than in February.  KJRW was made a preset station the most times in March than in the past year.

People spent the largest amount of time listening in the U.S., Canada, China, Spain, Australia, U.K., Thailand, Colombia, Sweden and France.  Inside the U.S., Washington, Illinois, California, Alabama, Texas, Ohio, Arkansas, Colorado, North Carolina and Georgia were tops in listening.

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