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Saturday, March 29


The new Dollyrots' song zooms to the top this week on KJRW:

  1. First World Anarchist - Dollyrots
  2. Feel the Pain - Dinosaur Jr.
  3. Spring Forward - Tiger Army
  4. Fall Down - Toad the Wet Sprocket
  5. Rise Above - Black Flag
  6. Bad Mouth - Fugazi
  7. Lexicon Devil - Germs
  8. Get With Me - PINS
  9. The Guns of Brixton - Clash
  10. Radio Revolution - Vacancies

Listen for new stuff from the Strypes, Bouncing Souls, Cali Giraffes, Julie Ruin and more next week.  And you could hear just about anything on Tuesday...

Thursday, March 27


Every year on April Fools' Day, the DJ leaves the hot seat and someone else (something??) takes over the controls.  The format has run the gamut from Classic Rock to Disco to Rap.  It's anyone's guess what will happen this year.  You will have to tune in to KJRW on April 1st to find out...

Tuesday, March 25


"Most people synchronize their steps to the beat of their tunes when they listen to music on a walk. In the current study, researchers found that even when excerpts of music had identical tempo and beat, other acoustic features influenced walkers' stride and speed.
Participants in the study heard samples of 52 different types of music that all had the same tempo and a 4-beat meter during a walk, but their stride lengthened in response to some tunes and was shorter in response to others. These differences in stride caused an overall difference in the pace of their walk.
After the experiment, participants rated the music they had heard with bipolar adjectives like bad or good, aggressive or tender, familiar or unfamiliar. Music which increased walking speed the most was most frequently rated bad, aggressive, loud or fast, whereas emotions, familiarity or taste had little correlation to the music's effect on pace. Pop-techno sounds were more prominent in the excerpts that increased pace, compared to jazz-reggae on tunes that decreased walking pace. Leman adds "Music tones up or tones down your walking stride depending on musical style, even when the tempo is the same. This offers perspectives for sports and physical rehabilitation."*

*Public Library of Science. (2013, July 10). Same beat set to different tunes changes walkers' pace. ScienceDaily. Retrieved February 9, 2014 from

Download the free Live365 app to listen to KJRW on your smartphone, and see if you walk faster!

Saturday, March 22


Big changes in the Top Ten tracks on KJRW this week:

  1. Love Buzz - Nirvana
  2. Lexicon Devil - Germs
  3. Radio Revolution - Vacancies
  4. Out of Step - Minor Threat
  5. Destination Anywhere - Sugarcult
  6. The Guns of Brixton - Clash
  7. What Love Is - Dead Boys
  8. The Hardest Button To Button - White Stripes
  9. The Busdrivers - Josh's Shirt
  10. Beat Your Heart Out - Distillers

Next week on KJRW we will feature the new album from The Dollyrots, Barefoot + Pregnant!

Thursday, March 20


The KJRW Tagline Contest closes at the end of the month!  
Just a few days left to fill in the blank:  "KJRW is ______________" for your chance at prizes.

Tuesday, March 18


Joan Jett and the Blackhearts played a sold-out show at Snoqualmie Casino in Washington Sunday night.  It was their second show in the ballroom in a little less than a year.  Breaking with tradition, the set began not with Bad Reputation, but TMI from the new album, Unvarnished.  Almost half of the songs during the concert came from the new album (Soulmates To Strangers, Make It Back, Fragile, Hard To Grow Up, Any Weather and Reality Mentality).  The Runaways classic, Cherry Bomb remained in its usual second slot.

It was at about this time that I reached up to get a high five from bassist Acey Slade.  He instead shook my hand and left his guitar pick in my palm.  They then launched into Gary Glitter's Do You Wanna Touch Me and Bad Reputation.  The Blackhearts really hit their stride midway through the set with the first song Joan Jett ever wrote, You Drive Me Wild.  This was the highlight of the show for me because she came over and played part of it right above me.

The show ended with the trifecta of tunes that most people go to hear:  I Love Rock 'N' Roll, Crimson and Clover and I Hate Myself For Loving You.  The encore included The Sweet's AC/DC and Sly and the Family Stone's Everyday People.

Friday, March 14


Only a few changes to the list this week.  Here are the Top Ten tracks on KJRW:

  1. The Guns of Brixton - Clash
  2. Money - Flying Lizards
  3. The Hardest Button To Button - White Stripes
  4. Rise Above - Black Flag
  5. Ever Fallen In Love - Buzzcocks
  6. The Hand That Feeds - Nine Inch Nails
  7. Grind - Alice In Chains
  8. Kiss Them For Me - Siouxsie and the Banshees
  9. Electric Band - Wild Flag
  10. (I'm Gonna) Run Away - Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Listen for Celtic Punk from Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys and more now through St. Patrick's Day...

Tuesday, March 11


"We are constantly bombarded with a seemingly limitless amount of new music in our daily lives. But why do we keep coming back to that one song or album we couldn't get enough of in college?
New research from Washington University's Olin Business School shows that although consumers say they prefer to listen to unfamiliar music, their choices actually belie that preference.
The study, "The Same Old Song: The Power of Familiarity in Music Choice," could have implications for marketers and the playlists, events, venues and products which they choose to advertise.
"In three studies, we examined the power of familiarity on music choice and showed that familiarity is a more important driver of music choice than more obvious, and commonly tested, constructs such as liking and satiation, i.e., being 'sick of' certain music," says Joseph K. Goodman, PhD, associate professor of marketing at Olin and co-author of the study, along with Morgan Ward of Southern Methodist University and Julie Irwin of University of Texas at Austin.
"Our results suggest that the emphasis on novelty in the music domain, by consumers and people often protesting the current state of the music business, is probably misplaced," Goodman says. "In the marketplace, and in our pilot study, consumers say that they want more novelty when in fact their choices suggest they do not."
The study shows that consumers pick music they are familiar with even when they believe they would prefer less familiar music.
Goodman suggests that based on the findings marketers should continue to promote what is familiar to consumers, even though it might not be the most liked. In addition, managers and artists should not underestimate the power of familiarity when promoting their music.
He says that though the studies show the importance of familiarity in music, it also shows that there is a place for new music as well. Consumers have a need for both novel and familiar music, and they especially prefer familiar music when they are busy working or doing cognitively demanding tasks.
Goodman says that the success of services like Pandora and Spotify will continue because they not only play personalized familiar favorites, but they also introduce people to new music with familiar musical elements."*

So, what do you think?  Do you want to hear your old favorites or new stuff?  Do you say you want to hear new stuff, when you really prefer hearing your old favorites?

*Washington University in St. Louis. (2013, July 23). We don't like unfamiliar music, even though we claim we do. ScienceDaily. Retrieved February 9, 2014 from

Saturday, March 8


It's musical chairs this week on KJRW, as the songs switch positions from the previous week.

  1. The Guns of Brixton - Clash
  2. Money - Flying Lizards
  3. Incinerate - Sonic Youth
  4. The Hand That Feeds - Nine Inch Nails
  5. Rise Above - Black Flag
  6. The Hardest Button to Button - White Stripes
  7. Strange Love - Cramps
  8. Grind - Alice In Chains
  9. Electric Band - Wild Flag
  10. I Want It All - Battered Wives

Listen for the Greenhornes, Fratellis, Veruca Salt and more this week on KJRW...

Thursday, March 6

KJRW - West Seattle: TAG US!

KJRW - West Seattle: TAG US!:
Fill in the blank:  "KJRW is _______________ " submit your contest entry If we like your slogan, you will hear it on KJRW ...

Monday, March 3


Was it the love songs?  KJRW saw its biggest jump in listening and rank ever during the month of February!  There were over 11 hundred streams launched during the short month.  We were made a preset station a dozen more times.  People spent the most time listening to KJRW in the U.S., Canada, Spain, Germany, Brazil, Greece, Hungary, Denmark, Italy and Finland.  Inside the U.S., Washington, Alabama, Ohio, Arizona, California, Texas, Colorado, Arkansas, Minnesota and Tennessee were tops in listening.  Thanks for showing KJRW the love in February!

Saturday, March 1


There's a new number one in the Top Ten on KJRW this week:

1.  The Hand That Feeds - Nine Inch Nails
2.  Rise Above - Black Flag
3.  Money - Flying Lizards
4.  Incinerate - Sonic Youth
5.  Grind - Alice In Chains
6.  Electric Band - Wild Flag
7.  Strange Love - Cramps
8.  I Want It All - Battered Wives
9.  Kiss Them For Me - Siouxsie and the Banshees
10.  New Radio - Bikini Kill

Looking ahead to mid-March and trying to dig up some Celtic Punk...