Thursday, May 19

WHAT'S GOING ON (in the middle of May)

We are on track to reach our goal of 2 thousand listening hours this month. Listening time is highest in the U.S., Canada, Spain, Mexico, Hungary, Switzerland, Italy, France, Brazil and Germany. Inside the U.S., folks spend the most time with KJRW in Seattle, Detroit, Orlando, Denver, Charlotte, Chicago, Greensboro, San Francisco, Boston and Cleveland.

You don't have much longer to get in on the Grand Giveaway. Be sure to email to enter right away. Please include your name and the city in which you live.

Pull up those parachute pants, straighten that skinny tie and wind your Swatch watch because it is almost time for New Wave Summer. We're getting ready by uploading plenty of Depeche Mode, Talking Heads, Missing Persons and more.

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Thanks for listening to West Seattle's Only Alternative - KJRW.

Sunday, May 1

WHAT'S GOING ON (at the beginning of May)

KJRW is now enjoyed on almost every continent on the globe!  Tops in listening were:  the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, Italy, Brazil, France, Belarus and the U.K. 

In fact, folks are spending the most time listening to KJRW than ever!  We met our goal for April with about 1700 hours.  We would like to see 2 thousand hours for the month of May.  Tomorrow is our program director's birthday.  A really wonderful birthday present would be the greatest listening time in the station's history.  

KJRW provides the picture round of the Shadowland Pub Quiz tomorrow night at 8, where California and Oregon meet in West Seattle.

The Grand Giveaway continues on KJRW in May.  Email to enter.

Get ready to dive into NEW Wave Summer in June...

Saturday, April 16

WHAT'S GOING ON (in the middle of April)

KJRW's Grand Giveaway is underway!  
To qualify, email your name and the city in which you live to  

When you hear us thank you for listening, email again with "Gimme a Grand!".

Yes, it PAYS to listen to KJRW.

Get shirts, stickers, key chains, hats and more with little Lex on them at the KJRW Corner Store!

We added almost 300 listening hours just this past week.  That gets us a little closer to our listening goals.  But, we need to quadruple that by the fall, so help us by telling your friends about KJRW.

Friday, April 8

WHAT'S GOING ON (at the beginning of April)

KJRW has been on Radionomy for 2 months, and today we got the thumbs up from them to keep going for another 6.  

During the first week of April, about 200 people checked out the station for almost 200 hours.  That's okay, but we can do better.  We'd like to see that number more than double in the next week.  Please spread the word that KJRW can now be heard on Radionomy.

We hope you enjoyed hearing the wacky novelty songs on April Fool's Day.  Here is something you may enjoy even more:  a chance to win one thousand dollars!  Listen to KJRW to find out how to qualify for the Grand Giveaway.

Thursday, March 31

WHAT'S GOING ON (at the end of March)

Over a thousand people checked out KJRW in March, and spent over a thousand hours listening.  We didn't quite reach the daily average listening time we were shooting for,  so please help us spread the word that KJRW is now on Radionomy.   People listened in the U.S., Canada, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Germany, Brazil, Finland, Australia and the U.K. the most.
April Fool's Day tradition at KJRW is to play songs not usually heard on the station.  In the past, there has been everything from disco to rap.  Tune in to see what happens this year!