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Tuesday, January 29


According to a recent Rolling Stone Reader's Poll, these are the "Best Rock Movies of All Time":
  1. The Runaways
  2. The Wall
  3. Almost Famous
  4. This Is Spinal Tap
  5. Tommy
  6. A Hard Day's Night
  7. The Doors
  8. The Commitments
  9. School of Rock
  10. Quadrophenia
We just finally watched "Get Him to the Greek".  It was fun, but not Top Ten material.  What about "Purple Rain", "The Blues Brothers", "Sid and Nancy", "Eddie and the Cruisers", "Empire Records" or "Light of Day"?

Saturday, January 26


Two songs from Under the Covers Week make it onto the list.  Soundgarden stays at the top.  Here are the tunes that got the "Thumbs up" on KJRW this week:
  1. Bleed Together - Soundgarden
  2. All This and More - Dead Boys
  3. I Wanna Be Sedated - Offspring
  4. Flagpole Sitta - Harvey Danger
  5. Spin the Black Circle - Pearl Jam
  6. Loss of Control - Green Day
  7. Angry, Young and Poor - Anti-Flag
  8. Rehab - Ministry
  9. Call Me - Blondie
  10. Love In Plaster - Hives
The well-liked cover versions will remain in the mix next week, along with a new Prat Attack song and some old favorites.

Saturday, January 19


A few Pacific Northwest bands make the list, including Soundgarden at the top on KJRW this week:
  1. Bleed Together - Soundgarden
  2. Blood One - Bikini Kill
  3. Blue Orchid - White Stripes
  4. Dancing With Myself - Generation X
  5. Go Home - Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
  6. I Wanna Be Your Dog - Stooges
  7. Steady, As She Goes - Raconteurs
  8. Destroy - Eyeliners
  9. Flagpole Sitta - Harvey Danger
  10. Local God - Everclear
Next week, KJRW goes Under the Covers...

Wednesday, January 16


Brrr.  It's the middle of winter in this hemisphere.  Time to dive under the covers.  KJRW features cover versions of songs all next week.  There will be a few Iggy tunes by other artists, lots of punked-up classic rock and even our favorite Prince song.  It is kind of a tradition for punk artists to include a cover song on their albums.  We hope you will enjoy Under the Covers Week on KJRW.  And as always, your song suggestions are welcome at

Friday, January 11


Iggy Pop's time at the top has ended.  "The Passenger" not only got knocked out of the number one slot, but completely out of the KJRW Top Ten.  In fact, only one song stayed on the list from last week, and it is the new number one:
  1. Freak Scene - Dinosaur Jr.
  2. Destination Unknown - Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
  3. Sugar Kane - Sonic Youth
  4. Kundalini Express - Love and Rockets
  5. Ball and Chain - Social Distortion
  6. Mr. Chivalry - Girl in a Coma
  7. Hollywood (Africa) - Red Hot Chili Peppers
  8. Dead Souls - Joy Division
  9. Jane Says - Jane's Addiction
  10. Dancing With Myself - Generation X
To see your favorite songs in the Top Ten list, click the "thumbs up" icon while they are playing on KJRW.

Friday, January 4


Iggy Pop is at the top for the third week in a row on KJRW.  Here is the first list of 2013:
  1. The Passenger - Iggy Pop
  2. Freak Scene - Dinosaur Jr.
  3. Don't Want to Know If You're Lonely - Husker Du
  4. Blue Orchid - White Stripes
  5. Anarchy in the U.K. - Sex Pistols
  6. (I'm) Stranded - Saints
  7. Luka - Lemonheads
  8. Born To Lose - Heartbreakers
  9. (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais - Clash
  10. Television's Over - Adverts
Songs are voted into the Top Ten by clicking the "thumbs up" icon on the station page while they are playing on KJRW.

Tuesday, January 1


On December 2nd, KJRW reached its highest rank ever among the thousands of stations on  It was all downhill from there.  We went off the listening cliff.  Time spent listening in December was half of what it was in November.  But, November was huge.  It was the best month KJRW enjoyed in the two years it has been online.  However, December did top November in the number of times the station page was visited and how many people made KJRW a preset station (that is like when you assign a button on your car radio to a certain station).

Here are the countries that are still listening to KJRW:
  • U.S.
  • Canada
  • S. Africa
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Slovenia
  • Mexico
  • Slovak Republic

Tops in listening inside the U.S. are:
  • California
  • Washington
  • Illinois
  • Alabama
  • Ohio
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Michigan
  • North Carolina
  • Colorado
KJRW has just begun its third year on and hopes for more months like November, when people spent over twelve hundred hours listening to the station.  Songs are being added to the mix every week.  Your suggestions are always appreciated at  If you like what you hear on KJRW, please spread the word.  Have a great 2013!