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Friday, January 4


Iggy Pop is at the top for the third week in a row on KJRW.  Here is the first list of 2013:
  1. The Passenger - Iggy Pop
  2. Freak Scene - Dinosaur Jr.
  3. Don't Want to Know If You're Lonely - Husker Du
  4. Blue Orchid - White Stripes
  5. Anarchy in the U.K. - Sex Pistols
  6. (I'm) Stranded - Saints
  7. Luka - Lemonheads
  8. Born To Lose - Heartbreakers
  9. (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais - Clash
  10. Television's Over - Adverts
Songs are voted into the Top Ten by clicking the "thumbs up" icon on the station page while they are playing on KJRW.

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