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Saturday, September 14


The New Pearl Jam song makes it onto the list this week.  Here are the Top Ten favorite songs on KJRW:

  1. The Happy Song - Poets of the Fall
  2. Sugar Kane - Sonic Youth
  3. Soup Is Good Food - Dead Kennedys
  4. Mind Your Manners - Pearl Jam
  5. Dancing With Myself - Generation X
  6. Wild Thing - X
  7. So Alive - Love and Rockets
  8. Kid - Pretenders
  9. Waiting Room - Fugazi
  10. I Fought the Law - Clash
Listen to KJRW next week for new tunes from Little Hearts, Chelsea Light Moving (led by Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth) and Cali Giraffes (featuring Kim Warnick of the Fastbacks).

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