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Sunday, September 1


We were just going to ignore the Video Music Awards on MTV, but a week later, we are still hearing about Miley Cyrus' performance on the show.  We didn't watch the program.  We didn't even watch the presentation last year when Green Day performed a song we like, "Let Yourself Go".  The last time we saw the VMAs was when Lady Gaga wore raw meat.  And that is what the VMAs are about - doing something extreme that people will talk about.  Just ask Madonna.  It leaves us wondering what Miley did that could be more extreme than anything Madonna, Lady Gaga, et al have done in the past.  Let's go where you can see music videos -- no, not MTV -- YouTube...
Again, how was what Miley did any more extreme than anything else out there?  Is it that parents of young children think she should be Hannah Montana forever?  It was a character.  Let the girl grow up and be Miley Cyrus.  We were far more disappointed in Miley when she flubbed the lyrics to "I Hate Myself For Loving You" on Oprah.  And parents, don't let your young children watch the Video Music Awards.  It's for teens and young adults with bad taste in music.

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