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Tuesday, August 6


There were over 2 thousand visits to the station page last month.  People pressed the play button on KJRW over eleven hundred times in July.  The most streams were launched in a few months.  So, our rank among all the rock stations on Live365 went up a couple notches.  The time VIP listeners spent with KJRW and the amount of people that made us a preset station was double that of June.   However, the average time spent listening to the station was the lowest ever, so our overall rank went down.

People spent the most time listening in the U.S., Mexico, Spain, Italy, Australia, Greece, U.K., Canada, Slovak Republic and Chile.

Our home base of Washington State was again tops in listening, as well as:  California, Georgia, New York, Texas, North Carolina, Missouri, Alabama, Arizona and Connecticut.

Do us a favor?  When you check out the KJRW station page on, hit the play button and give us a listen.

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