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Wednesday, February 20


The other day in New York, a man was trying to listen to KJRW on  Each time he clicked the play button, he was greeted with the message that the station was full.  You see, there can only be so many people listening to a station on Live365 for free at one time. 

But when you are a Live365 VIP, you can access the station anytime.  So that music lover in New York did just that.  He signed up to be a VIP from the KJRW station page.  Now he can listen commercial-free for a year.  And KJRW received part of the subscription fee, which will help us stay online.  Another portion of that subscription fee will go to the artists that get played on the station. 

VIP's may also download a Live365 desktop player that allows you to listen without opening your web browser.  Packages start at about 6 dollars a month.  If you are interested, click here:

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