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Saturday, February 16


X marks the spot.  Songs from X, Generation X and X-Ray Spex made it into the Top Ten this week on KJRW:
  1. Orange Alert - Briefs
  2. These Boots Are Made For Walkin' - 7 Seconds
  3. Wild Thing - X
  4. Know Your Rights - Clash
  5. Dancing With Myself - Generation X
  6. Satyagraha - Vacancies
  7. Rehab - Ministry
  8. Song 2 - Blur
  9. Art-I-Ficial - X-Ray Spex
  10. Prove My Love - Violent Femmes
If you enjoy a song you hear on KJRW, click the "thumbs up" icon while it is playing.  It just might make it into the Top Ten next week.

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