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Monday, January 6


During December, listening was highest in the U.S., Canada, Brazil, France, Mexico, U.K., Denmark, Spain, Philippines and Hungary.  Inside the U.S., people listened the most in Alabama, Washington, California, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, Virginia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Arkansas.

There were more visits to the KJRW page on in December than in the previous month.  The average amount of time people spent listening was up a tiny bit also.  However, the number of streams launched was the lowest of the entire fall season.

Please make sure your version of flash player is up to date so you can listen to KJRW.  We had one listener tell us that she could see all the great songs that were playing on the station, and was frustrated to not be able to hear them because her software was not upgraded on her computer.

We started December playing back the Top 113 of 2013.  It was the first month of our fourth year online.  Onward and upward, we say!

January is Dive Under the Covers month on KJRW.  Please push 'play'.

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