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Tuesday, March 5


KJRW was reaching for the stars in February.  Our stats grew in almost every category.  We had the most page visits ever.  Over a thousand streams were launched.  On Presidents Day, someone signed up for a VIP subscription just to listen to KJRW.  We enjoyed love songs the week of Valentine's Day (or as we like to call it, Blackheart Day).  Our rank among the thousands of stations on Live365 inched higher.  The only sour note was that the average number of minutes each stream played dropped a little.  But, that has been on the rise in the first few days of March.

People were listening to KJRW the most in...
U.S. ~ Canada ~ Spain ~ U.K. ~ Argentina ~ Columbia ~ Sweden ~ Mexico ~ Bolivia ~ Netherlands

... and inside the U.S....
Seattle, WA ~ Detroit, MI ~ New York, NY ~ Montgomery, AL ~ Salt Lake City, UT ~ Nashville, TN ~ Portland, OR ~ Chicago, IL ~ Raleigh-Durham, NC ~ San Francisco, CA

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