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Friday, March 29


Poets of the Fall continues its reign at the top.  Here is the list of the most liked songs on KJRW this week:

  1. Psychosis - Poets of the Fall
  2. Touch Me I'm Sick - Mudhoney
  3. B Is for Brutus - Hives
  4. I Don't Care About You - FEAR
  5. Self Esteem - Offspring
  6. Steady, As She Goes - Raconteurs
  7. Spiderman - Ramones
  8. Kool Thing - Sonic Youth
  9. Holiday In Cambodia - Dead Kennedys
  10. Balls Out - Yuckies
Tunes from the Clash, Kills, Nirvana and more just added to the mix.  Remember to give songs the "thumbs up" if you want them to make it into the Top Ten next week.

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