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Saturday, July 20


Can Your Pussy Do the Dog?  Can the Cramps top Poets of the Fall?  Yes, they can.  Here are the Top Ten tracks on KJRW this week:

  1. Can Your Pussy Do the Dog? - Cramps
  2. Miss Impossible - Poets of the Fall
  3. The Guns of Brixton - Clash
  4. Another Shot of Whiskey - Gits
  5. Shout - Tears for Fears
  6. Peaches - Stranglers
  7. I Need - L7
  8. Miserlou - Agent Orange
  9. People Are People - Depeche Mode
  10. Suddenly Last Summer - Motels
New Wave Summer songs from Blondie, The Smiths and more just added, along with music from the Beat Dolls, Ruby and the Replacements.  Keep clicking on the thumbs up icon when you hear songs you like on KJRW.


  1. Not for long!! Poets will be back at their rightful spot next week!! Wait for it!

  2. You bet your ass anonymous! Poets will be back on top, where they belong!