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Monday, April 2


Okay, so the Classic Rock was for April Fool's Day.  Those Classic Rock songs are good.  That's why they are classic.  But, you can turn on any number of stations to hear those songs.  The aim of KJRW is to play tunes you don't hear every day everywhere else.  It would be easier to play those songs that are just sitting there on the Live365 web site.  And it would be easier to do what I find many other Live365 stations doing - loading a bunch of songs and setting them on shuffle.  But I cannot.  I constantly add songs and handcraft lists so that they play in a particular order.  You won't hear the same artist after only hearing one or two songs from a different artist on KJRW.  I also announce which artists are coming up, so you will know what to listen for.  And I try to provide a little comic relief in between the songs.  I hope you like it and listen often.  We now return you to regular programming...

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