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Thursday, March 22


According to SPIN magazine, these are the 30 most-hated bands in the nation:

30.  Monkees
29.  Phil Collins
28.  New Kids on the Block
27.  John Mayer
26.  Candlebox
25.  Lana Del Rey
24.  Black Eyed Peas
23.  Smash Mouth
22.  Christopher Cross
21.  Duran Duran
20.  Osmonds
19.  Lawrence Welk
18.  KC and the Sunshine Band
17.  Barry Manilow
16.  Winger
15.  Puff Daddy
14.  Billy Ray Cyrus
13.  Journey
12.  Michael Bolton
11.  Nickelback
10.  Yoko Ono
9.  Pat Boone
8.  Matchbox Twenty
7.  Emerson, Lake & Palmer
6.  Vanilla Ice
5.  Insane Clown Posse
4.  Creed
3.  Kenny G
2.  Limp Bizkit
1.  Milli Vanilli

For the explanations, check out  I do agree with all of the reasoning, but have to admit I enjoy many songs by the artists on the list.  At a time that I am feeling as if nobody else likes the same things I do, it is refreshing to learn that they at least dislike the things I do.


  1. Um....they didn't ask me my opinion. Yes, I get warm fuzzies from a few of the artists Spin hates. Maybe I'll just hate Spin. So there.

  2. I thought you would have something to say about Barry, Anne.