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Tuesday, February 7


I am awaiting the arrival of a record player.  I have crates full of vinyl that I have not been able to listen to in years.

I miss the days in front of a couple turntables, queuing and mixing records.  It's like Beck said, "Two turntables and a microphone (is) where it's at." 

I recall the day when the computer system was being installed at KZOK.  The engineer was saying how great it would be because we would be able to leave the studio to go talk to the receptionist during the show.  I commented, "I miss records."  His head just about exploded.

But, everything is digital now.  And I don't mind as much that a computer can run my music show while I am doing something else.  There would be no KJRW if not for that.  The added bonus of the turntable is an adapter that will allow me to convert the songs to music files on my computer.  Soon there will be more great old songs on KJRW that you just don't hear anymore anywhere else.

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