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Thursday, February 9


Today is the first anniversary of this page.  The KJRW blog has been viewed almost 13 hundred times in the past year.  The top 10 countries reading the posts are:
  1. U.S.A.
  2. Russia
  3. Germany
  4. Malaysia
  5. Denmark
  6. Qatar
  7. U.K.
  8. Greece
  9. Hungary
  10. China
We think you like the top ten lists.  What else would you like to see here?  Music trivia?  Personal stories?  Something that doesn't have anything to do with music at all?

Another milestone in the KJRW story is that there have now been over 10 thousand streams launched.  The 'play button' has been clicked 10,235 times in the 14 months the station has been online.

What's next for KJRW?  You tell us.  What do you want to see and hear?  We can tell you there will be more music added every week.  Click the links above to listen to KJRW and join us on Facebook and Twitter.  Bookmark this page and check back for updates.  We will let you know about the next milestones we achieve together.

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