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Tuesday, May 17

What's Happening, Hot Sauce?

I picked up the new Beastie Boys album, Hot Sauce Committee Part Two on the 6th.  It was during a quick visit to one of my favorite stores, Newbury Comics.  It began as a little place on Newbury Street in Boston and has since expanded to several stores.  I was at the Avon, Mass. store for a little over a half hour, sifting quickly through the Rock CD bins.  Along with the Beastie Boys, I also picked up some Black Keys, Weezer, Cracker, Devo, Clash, Garbage and Soundgarden.

On the drive from Avon to Worcester, Mass., I listened to the Beastie Boys CD twice.  It started off great with "Make Some Noise".  "OK" and "Say It" were good, too.  I think the most rocking tune was "Lee Majors Come Again". It debutes on KJRW this Friday.

Are there any songs you've heard lately that you think should be on KJRW?

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