Friday, May 13


Lots of changes in the Top 10 this week.  The song at number one was at the bottom of the list when it was added to the mix a few weeks ago.  I had even considered taking it off the station.  Now that is quite a turnaround!  Oh, and may I say that I am pleased to see Joan Jett at number 3.
  1. Soup Is Good Food - Dead Kennedys
  2. Precious - Pretenders
  3. Activity Grrrl - Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
  4. Bitchin' Camaro - Dead Milkmen
  5. Train In Vain - Clash
  6. Monkey Gone To Heaven - Pixies
  7. 21st Century (Digital Boy) - Bad Religion
  8. The Hardest Button To Button -  White Stripes
  9. Be My Baby - Dollyrots
  10. Ball and Chain - Social Distortion
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