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Friday, October 10

WHAT'S GOING ON (at the beginning of October)

Your favorite songs the first week of October were:

  1. Till I Get My Way - Black Keys
  2. Goodnight Tonight - Dollyrots
  3. Pirate Song - Go Betty Go
  4. Oh My God - Kaiser Chiefs
  5. Stray - Heatmiser
  6. You Sound Like You're Sick - Ramones
  7. Damaged Goods - Gang of Four
  8. All This and More - Dead Boys
  9. Perfect Storm - Strypes
  10. The Wait - Pretenders

Over a couple hundred people visited the station page during the first week of the month.  Several people clicked on the heart to make KJRW a favorite.

KJRW got more twitter followers and more Facebook page likes.

Listen for College Rock and some spooky tunes all month long...

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