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Monday, December 9


November was the last month of KJRW's third year online.  Over a thousand streams were launched - the most times the play button has been clicked since July.  However, people spent a little less time listening to KJRW than in October, so our rank slipped a bit.

Listeners spent the most time with KJRW in the U.S., Canada, Japan, Spain, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Australia and Italy.  Inside the U.S. listening was tops in Seattle, WA; Denver, Co; Montgomery, AL; Washington, DC; Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA; Minneapolis-Saint Paul, MN; Phoenix, AZ; Chicago, IL and Oklahoma City, OK.

KJRW began its fourth year online with a countdown of the Top 113 of 2013, all of your favorite songs from the past year.  Lots more to come in 2014, including a Dive Under the Covers this winter and New Wave Summer.  Make any theme or song suggestions here.

Thanks for listening and contributing to the fund drive to keep KJRW online!

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