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Friday, October 4


September has ended, so it is time to wake up and check our stats.  There were no record highs or lows for the month, and our rank on remained the same.  The number of times KJRW was made a preset station was the highest it has been since May.  More streams were launched in September than in August.  And we hit the milestone of 35 thousand visits to the station page.

People spent the most time listening to KJRW in the U.S., Canada, Czech Republic, Spain, Mexico, Morocco, Slovenia, Germany, Hungary and Italy.  Inside the U.S., listeners remained with KJRW the longest in Montgomery, AL; Seattle, WA; New York, NY; Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA; Washington, DC; Oklahoma City, OK; Phoenix, AZ; Charlotte, NC and Denver, CO.

As Halloween approaches, be sure to send us your spooky song suggestions.

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