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Wednesday, November 21


We just wanted to take a minute to thank you for listening to KJRW.  You have many ways to listen to music these days.  But, with "regular" radio you have to sit through five or six minutes of commercials just to hear a song that some old guy in a suit thinks you tuned in for.  So, you turn to your Ipod or Spotify in order to pick the songs you want to listen to, without all the chatter.  But, that can get predictable and boring.  Opening up Pandora may give you some surprises, especially since it rarely plays the actual artist you have typed that you want to hear.  Even on Live365 there are thousands of stations to choose from, but many of them sound like someone just loaded some songs and hit "shuffle".  No corporate "bigwig" has decided which songs are on KJRW.  Bands that don't even have record deals yet send us demos and we play them.   No computer program spits out a playlist.  We find music that we enjoy and place those songs in a certain order that we hope you find pleasing.  Our aim is to entertain you with songs that you haven't heard in awhile and some you never heard before.  Again, thanks for listening to KJRW.

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