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Monday, November 7


KJRW turns one year old in a few short weeks!  It's almost hard to imagine that it was about a year ago that I began creating the library of songs to play.  That library continues to expand every day.  The studio is in West Seattle, WA, but KJRW's home is on  The web site charges a small monthly fee to house all the tunes.  The reason I chose live365 was because some of that fee goes to the artists that compose the music.

There are commercials that run on KJRW-West Seattle, but I do not choose them, nor do I receive any revenue from them.  So I consider the station to be more like Public Radio than Commercial Radio.  With that thought in mind, KJRW is having a fund drive.

Here is how you can help keep KJRW online for another year:
Thank you for your support,

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