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Wednesday, November 16

More at the KJRW Corner Store

Here is the new promotional video for the KJRW Corner Store.  Lots of stuff there now, including shirts, hoodies and stickers.  Check out the new Drinkware Section with glasses and a water bottle. 

I finally received a sample T-shirt in the mail.  Cafe Press printed and shipped it within just a few days.  But either UPS or the USPS screwed up and sent it out to Denton, TX after it arrived in Seattle.  I know that Denton is "The Home of Happiness" according to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, but I was not happy that my shirt was in Texas.  But, now it is here, spinning around inside the clothes dryer and I will be able to wear it soon.

Go to the KJRW Corner Store and order your KJRW stuff today!

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