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Tuesday, September 20


PJ20 day is here!  Screenings of the Cameron Crowe documentary will be happening all over the world tonight.  The one in Seattle has been sold out.  I will have to catch it on PBS next month. has the book and soundtrack.  Links are to the right -->

The first Pearl Jam song I heard was "Alive".  It was my senior year of college.  I grabbed on-air time on the college radio station, WSCW every chance I could.  And every time I was on that year, I played "Alive".  A friend remarked that the singer sounded more dead than alive on that song, but he later became a Pearl Jam fan, too.  I did not relate to the theme of the song, a semi-autobigraphical story about a boy who learns that he was not raised by his real father and that his real father was dead.  But, the power of the song hit me.

I listened to the album, Ten over and over.  "Jeremy" was the big hit.  I could relate to that one more.  What kid that was picked on in school couldn't?  "Why Go" and "Black" are my favorites.

The sophomore release, Vs. was also a good album.  The songs did not speak to me as much, but I still enjoy them.  My favorite is "Glorified G" for the lines:  "Got a gun.  In fact, I've got two.  That's okay, man, cuz I love God."

Vitalogy, I had to purchase on vinyl because it contained the ode to vinyl, "Spin the Black Circle".  My favorite on that album is "Not For You".  I did not listen to the album that much because my turntable died.  My copy was signed by Mike McCready a few years ago.  I was lucky to meet him and Jeff Ament.  Both are nice, quiet guys.

To me, it seems that Nirvana and Pearl Jam were the Beatles and Rolling Stones of the era.  Nirvana and the Beatles sharing a short-lived meteoric rise, while Pearl Jam and the Rolling Stones play on.  I do think that original power Pearl Jam had on Ten has diminished over the years, but maybe these 20th Anniversary celebrations will give them a boost.

Lots of Pearl Jam on KJRW today.  Enjoy!

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