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Monday, June 20

Pride and Prejudice

There is a story on called "20 Great Gay Moments in Music".  These moments were supposed to be the most "pivotal in advancing the understanding and acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people".  Pivotal?  I do not think at least half of this list made a blip on the gaydar. 

Was anyone shocked when Ricky Martin or Lance Bass came out?  The only surprise was when Rob Halford of Judas Priest revealed he was gay.  A heavy metal front man?  What?!  Chely Wright professed she was the first lesbian country singer to be out.  Sorry, Chely, but what about k.d. lang? 

Metal and Country are very homophobic genres, and so is hip-hop, but Rapper Lil B put out an album entitled "I'm Gay (I'm Happy)" despite being straight himself.  Other items on this list I was encouraged to see were about Jill Sobule and Enrique Iglesias.  Jill recorded a song named "I Kissed A Girl" long before Katy Perry did.  Enrique brought a male fan onstage at London's G-A-Y nightclub without any worry about his own masculinity.

I was not sure I would find anything on this list valid when it began with something that happened on "Glee".  That is a "Gay Moment" in television.  The moments in rock?  There was the tribute to Freddie Mercury and Melissa Etheridge's album "Yes I Am". 

Could I come up with a better list?  Probably not.  There have not been enough pivotal moments in advancing the understanding and acceptance of LGBT people.  Happy Pride Month!

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