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Monday, June 13

"I Do Both - I Go and I Go"

The Go-Go's are currently on their "Ladies Gone Wild" Tour to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the release of their huge debut album, Beauty and the Beat.  I caught their set on Good Morning America on the 3rd.  Watching Jane, Gina, Kathy, and Charlotte play gave me a smile.  But I found it difficult to watch Belinda after reading her book, Lips Unsealed.

I had recently read Runaways Lead Vocalist Cherie Currie's book, Neon Angel.  Anticipating a similar story, I picked up Belinda Carlisle's memoir.  They were both lead singers in all-female rock bands from the Hollywood area in the late-seventies.  They both had their battles within their bands and with drugs.  They both got themselves into horrible situations due to bad choices.  The big difference is that I think Cherie learned from all of it and grew.  Cherie counseled teens about drugs, and is now a chainsaw artist, carving beautiful statues.  Belinda never seemed to take any personal responsibility.  Now she is being propped up by another Go-Go's tour.

And the Go-Go's are a good band.  Our Lips Are Sealed, Vacation and Head Over Heels are great songs.  I drummed along to We Got the Beat in a summer camp talent show.  But they are way too 'pop' for KJRW.

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