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Tuesday, December 1

WHAT'S GOING ON (at the Beginning of Our 6th Year)

Hello and welcome to December, the beginning of KJRW's 6th year online!  We launched 5 years ago with the Presidents of the U.S.A.'s cover of the MC5's Kick Out the Jams.  Consequently, we kick out our 6th year with covers.  It's our most popular feature, so we're starting it early.  Get Under the Covers with KJRW all winter long!

All Request Fall came to a close as November and our 5th year online ended.  The most requested songs in November were:
  1. Special - Garbage
  2. When You Find Out - Nerves
  3. Song 2 - Blur
  4. I Only Fucked You As A Joke - Childbirth
  5. Communist Eyes - Germs
  6. Nearly Lost You - Screaming Trees
  7. Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand
  8. Celebrity Skin - Hole
  9. Straight Ahead - Pennywise
  10. N.W.O. - Ministry
  11. Suburban Home - Descendents
  12. Clampdown - Clash
  13. 1 2 X U - Wire
  14. What Love Is - Dead Boys
  15. Breathe - Prodigy
KJRW's rank on Live365 went up because people spent more time listening to the station than they had in the previous month.  There were over 18 hundred visits to the station page in November.  People listened the most in:
  1. U.S.A.
  2. Czech Republic
  3. Canada
  4. Switzerland
  5. Mexico
  6. Colombia
  7. Spain
  8. Venezuela
  9. Italy
  10. Japan
Inside the U.S., listening was tops in:
  1. Seattle, WA
  2. San Francisco, CA
  3. El Paso, TX
  4. Albany, NY
  5. Philadelphia, PA
  6. Detroit, MI
  7. Kansas City, MO
  8. Austin, TX
  9. Chicago, IL
  10. Louisville, KY

Please help us start out our 6th year strong with a donation. KJRW is totally listener-supported.  We do not receive any money from the ads you hear on the station.  All the ad money goes to Live365.
And tell a friend about KJRW.  They'll thank you... or punch you.  We think it's worth the risk.

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