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Tuesday, June 16

WHAT'S GOING ON (in the middle of June)

Your favorite tunes on KJRW in the middle of June are:

  1. Repeater - Fugazi
  2. Henrietta - Fratellis
  3. Drug Train - Social Distortion
  4. All Apologies - Nirvana
  5. Ripe - Screaming Females
  6. Supermassive Black Hole - Muse
  7. Search and Destroy - Stooges
  8. Pigs In Zen - Jane's Addiction
  9. I Just Wanna Have Something To Do - Ramones 
  10. Cannonball - Breeders

New Wave Summer rolls in next week!  The next top ten might include the Cars, Eurythmics or Men At Work...

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