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Tuesday, September 11


It's Back-To-School time!  Here a few tidbits about KJRW artists:

Before he joined the Police, Sting was a strict teacher.  He denies the lyrics in "Don't Stand So Close To Me" are autobiographical.

Greg Graffin got his Ph.D at Cornell, and now teaches there when he is not rocking out with Bad Religion.

Dexter Holland was a Ph.D candidate in molecular biology at the University of Southern California, but he gave it up to front The Offspring full-time.

The Descendents' album proclaims Milo Goes To College.  Milo Auckerman did, and earned a Ph.D in biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin.

Prior to Nirvana, Kurt Cobain left high school just a few weeks before graduation. He did return later - as a janitor.

Stay in school, kids!

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