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Friday, January 13


Watched my co-worker, Kasey sing Girl U Want at karaoke last week.  Devo's version is number one this week on KJRW.  Here's the top ten for the second week of January:
  1. Girl U Want - Devo
  2. Freak Scene - Dinosaur Jr.
  3. THe KKK Took My Baby Away - Ramones
  4. I Will Follow - U2
  5. He Gets Me High - Dum Dum Girls
  6. My Doorbell - White Stripes
  7. Kiss Them For Me - Siouxsie and the Banshees
  8. Incinerate - Sonic Youth
  9. Mic Check - More of Anything
  10. Train In Vain - Clash

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