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Wednesday, August 17


Q:  What do you call a jazz/rock fusion band with a DJ and MC?
A:  More Of Anything

In a world full of mid-tempo copycats and Disney pop stars, More Of Anything is an incredibly unique act.  We took in a high-energy show at the Triple Door the other night.  Sparking that energy was Brandon Blake, striding through the crowd while fingering his bass.  More Of Anything was formed in Seattle by lead guitarist Neri Osmanovic and drummer Brad Burkett in 2009.  Adding funky rhythms on guitar is Byung Chung.

Charismatic MC Moe Betta from New York asked me if I was picking up what he was laying down.  I replied, "Most of it."  At times, he rapped so furiously that I did not catch all the words.  But, I could tell all the boys were having a good time playing together.  The crowd was so into the show that some became a part of it, dancing with band members.  One person even knocked over a mic stand which turned off the power strip that the DJ's gear was plugged into, but it was good timing, as it was the last song of the night.

More Of Anything's new EP fails to capture the spirit of the live show, but I'll spin a couple tracks from it on KJRW, and you can tell me what you think.

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