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Friday, April 22


No big surprises this week, except that there are no Black Keys songs in the Top Ten.  Jack White is on twice with two different bands.  These are the songs that got a big 'thumbs up':
  1. Falling to Pieces - Faith No More
  2. 21st Century (Digital Boy) - Bad Religion
  3. The Hardest Button to Button - White Stripes
  4. Train In Vain - Clash
  5. Waiting Room - Fugazi
  6. Jean Genie - David Bowie
  7. Steady, As She Goes - Raconteurs
  8. Scentless Apprentice - Nirvana
  9. Search and Destroy - Iggy Pop and the Stooges
  10. So What'cha Want - Beastie Boys

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