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Thursday, February 24

No Rain

Do you remember that Blind Melon video with the little bee girl?  She didn't fit in anywhere until she found a whole field of bee people.  That's how I felt in the hallway of my college radio station, WSCW.  It is another inspiration of KJRW. 

The aim of college radio is to play songs that commercial radio won't play.  That was mostly the case with WSCW, but you never knew just what you would find when you tuned to 640 AM.  It depended upon the disc jockey.  It could be alternative, metal, rap, oldies, or even pop.  All of those genres even made an appearance on my shows.

The scope of KJRW is a bit more narrow, but the aim is still to play songs you won't hear on the airwaves.  Some of these songs were on WSCW when I was there.  Take a listen and tell me what you think.  Click on the blue box to the right.

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