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KJRW wants to host a trivia night at your Seattle-area restaurant or bar.  Is there a night that you don't get as many customers and would like to do something special to attract them?  Would you like your customers to stick around awhile so they buy more food and drinks?  A KJRW trivia night may be right for you!

We do four rounds of trivia over the course of about 90 minutes with categories such as:  current events, music, literature, movies, history, sports and television.  These are not questions generated by some company in cyber space.  We handcraft our questions and categories, just like we handcraft our song lists on KJRW radio.  We will even customize categories to go along with your theme or events at your establishment.

If this interests you, email us at, and let KJRW entertain your customers.

Currently, KJRW hosts the music round of the Shadowland Pub Quiz the last Monday of every month. Join their email list here.

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